pink blush and ivory garden trailing bouquet


Blush and vintage pink and white garden trailing bouquet with soft rambling foliages. Peonies or cabbage roses, stephanotis and lilly of the valley and blossoms in whites,  combined with natural trailing foliages and ferns. The pink flowers are rose buds and pieces of hydrangea and berry seed heads.

This style of trailing bouquet has a natural cascading effect and when held, you do not see your hands or the handle. It is lush and full with trailing foliage also at the sides of the bouquet. This enables excellent side view photos with that soft tumbling look of the bouqet spilling from your hands.  All these flowers and foliages are artificial. They are soft to touch and have some movement when carried which gives them an incredibly real look.

It measures approx 90cm in length to the end of the longest piece of foliage. The top of the bouqet is approx 40cm accross including the the edges of the ferns, but where the white peonies are clustered it measures approx 30cm accross.

This is a soft romantic look which will be timeless as your keepsake Bouquet.