About Us

Florabunda, The home of stylish artificial flowers.

My name is Brenda Mayo and I have spent over 35 years working in New Zealand as a professional florist. I have designed and created fresh floral arrangements for every occasion imaginable. Weddings and large celebrations, international exhibitions and competitions, with gold medal success at the Ellerslie Flower Show. Having experienced every purpose and reason why people need flowers, I have learnt, and then taught, that flowers enhance every emotion we can feel.

So why artificial now? Simply, they have become so incredibly good.

Call them what you like! Silk, fabric, plastic, artificial or fake flowers. It doesn’t really matter; all I know is artificial flowers have never looked so good!

The replica florals of today that I have chosen to use are manufactured with quality fabrics and materials, true colours with exceptional detail and variety, and availability of nearly every flower at any time of the year.

This website makes choosing and buying your silk flowers fun, easy and reliable. You can purchase single stems or a vase full. I can help you with colour choice and design tips for making your own arrangement. and can send them anywhere a courier can reach you.

I specialise in bridal flowers, so if your wedding is overseas and you want the perfect bouquets, then take them with you. They are light, pack well for travel and you will have them on time. No wilting and the perfect coloured blooms for your wedding day. You can have them as a keepsake or gift them to your Bridesmaids. Maybe even sell them afterwards.


In 2023 Florabunda relocated to Auckland.

Please email me with your inquiries and I can send your flowers anywhere a courier can reach you.