Large cascading Bridal Bouquet pink and Blue artificial flowers


Large trailing Bridal Bouquet with bright pink peonies and touches of blue. The main flowers are cerese pink peonies and open roses, with a hint of pink sweet pea in the trail. The blue is a smokey french blue hydrangea mixed with royal/navy blue hydrangea.

The use of various lush and rambling foliages tumble through this amazing bouquet. A sweep of cream grey mimmosa buds fly from one side. This is not a symetrical bouquet, more informal and loose natural looking artificial flowers and foliages.

The width of the top, or widest part of the bouquet is approx 45cm from edge to edge. The length is 75cm approx. The bulk of the main flower content in the middle of the bouquet is approx 30cm across, and the length of this main area of flowers is also 30cm. The remaining area is filled with foliages and touches of colour. This design looks amazing from all angles, a truly bespoke “Florabunda” wedding bouquet.