Sunflower and Blue Long Cemetery Arrangement


This cemetery arrangement is in colours of yellow, white, and blue, with sunflowers and a variety of other flowers as per the photo.

It is specifically made to sit in front of a head stone. The container is a heavy masonary rectangular shape with holes for water drainage.

The low long shape is designed to fit in front of plaques on small edges so it will not be hit by mowers and is heavy enough not to be blown away in bad weather.

The flowers are permanently fixed into this container to prevent them being blown out or unwanted removal, and they are arranged low and tight to give a full lush look and still allow the words on gravestones to be clearly visible. There is a variety of green leaves and foliage with a touch of rosemary for remembrance.

Any colour options for the flowers are available so please contact us for your specific requirements. This container base measures 29cm long x 7 cm deep x 7.5cm high. The completed arrangement measures approx 16cm in height. Each memorial arrangement is made to order, so variations to the size and colour of the flowers are no problem and we are happy to help you with special requests.