Blush pink apricot garden 3 piece cake flowers


Pretty woodlands blush pink, soft apricot and natural looking foliages make this 3 piece cake decoration the perfect choice for your wedding cake flowers.

The top spray sits flat on the cake with no need for a container and can be viewed from any angle. It measures approx 15cm accross but it has pieces trailing out which takes it away from the perfect circle look. You can choose which way you wid=sh to place it on the top. We have shown a few different placements in the 3 images.

The 2 side pieces can be used as our example displayed on the white hat boxes, or you could use this set for a 3 tier cake with the the side pieces joined or separated with one at the both levels of the cakes. Many options for use and the side pieces come with a long pin for attachment. They are not symetrical, so you can choose which way to place each spray.

All artificial flowers and foliages so it is very light weight and of course will not wilt in the heat.  Ideal to use after the wedding as a table centre or decoration in a glass bowl or other container.

Other colours and flowers or sizes available on request, so please contact us with your special requirements for your cake decoration.