Apricot and champagne side sprays x2 for cake


Apricot and champagne cake sprays with a hint of soft green. These 2 sparays are designed to sit on the sides and base of the cake.

They are a long narrow shape so they can sit inbetween layes of the cake and at the base.  Aprox 15cm long. Depending how many layers you have, it could also be used on the top and side. Many possiblilites to place these light weight sprays on your cake.They each come with a large pin that can be used to push into the cake for attachement. The pin can be removed if you do not need it.

There are 2 matching sprays for this price . All artificial flowers and foliages so will not wilt in the heat.

Other colours and flowers or sizes available on request, so please contact us with your special requirements for your cake decoration.